Philosophy of Rosskopf + Partner

“Your ideas and visions are our challenges; innovative surfaces are our substance; and perfection is our claim.”

From the beginning, the special combination of traditional craftsmanship and precise “German engineering”, together with our extensive customer orientation and support-readiness characterizes the brand name, Rosskopf + Partner.  

For us, however, it is more than just craftsmanship and engineering ability. Our internal general orientation is driven by two elementary inspirations: On the one hand, the continuous intentionally practiced social responsibility for over 200 highly motivated fellow employees, among them carpenters and cabinet-makers, who with their incredible crafting abilities are still the backbone of our customized fabrication. And on the other hand is our belief in the Christian canon of values. This belief and the strong motivation to respect God’s creation and protect it from harm are practiced daily and are a guide for the orientation of running our business. This is one view of the things that cannot be accounted for, but can be seen in the loyalty of our employees and in the sympathy of our customers.

Management board

"As a think-tank and high-end fabricator, we want to support you by using innovative surface materials to achieve unlimited applicability and make your great ideas possible.“ 

"We want to be an employer who inspires and motivates people to be as good as they can be, because our employees make the difference."