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No matter what you need for your order: we are not only a manufacturing partner, but also an advisor and an engineering firm; sometimes we are suppliers and logisticians, and sometimes project directors. But whatever we do, it is always at the highest level of competence. In each and every case, all of our products are carefully designed based on proven expertise at Rosskopf + Partner. They are the guarantee of error-free processes, optimally-organized interfaces and the delivery of flawless results.

Our customer consultants, engineers, and craftsmen work hand in hand, both with each other and also in cooperation with your team, your architects, your planners and your craftsmen.

Whether you want to use our complete process chain or a limited part of it is your decision: we can adapt to your needs to assist you with any or all of your tasks.

Our expertise

With Rosskopf + Partner you have access to extensive expertise. With decades of project experience working with solid surface materials in manufacturing, value creation, production, engineering and project management, our team can support you in any type of project. This experience, our specialized knowledge and our unbridled pioneering spirit guarantee that the left hand always knows and understands what the right hand is doing. Effectiveness and efficiency made by Rosskopf + Partner.

Consulting and Requirements Clarification

First, we determine precisely which services at Rosskopf + Partners are required to perform your job most efficiently. Because no matter how large or how small your project is, we want to provide optimal support without vending services you do not need.When necessary, our materials and processing experts then provide feasibility studies to review the possibilities of realizing your intended design. Here, the question is always "how" and not "whether" the project can be implemented, because we are always able find solutions for projects where others have given up as early as in the planning phase.In the context of requirements assessment, we interrogate every single possibility to ensure there will be no holes in the process chain later on. During requirements assessment, you benefit from our extensive competence that researches all aspects of engineering and production through to distribution with confidence of what is necessary to accomplish the task.

By the way, all that we do in terms of efficiency and the conservation of natural resources are clearly in accordance with our – and your – interests.

Cost Estimation and Fabrication

After assessing your requirements and being certain that we understand your project, we begin working on the cost estimate. If necessary or desired, we will assist you in bidding or obtaining offers, also for external requirements (such as electrical needs, plumbing, etc.).

The basis for a clean spread sheet, which offers the highest level of financial security and reliability, is meticulous construction planning. We do this with reliable modern CAD programs or by using CAD data which you or your architects supply. In this area, you benefit from our 360-degree expertise and goal-oriented dialogue; because only those who know all of the influencing variables, factors and aspects of production can take them into consideration and offer the most cost-effective price, at the same time, avoiding unpleasant surprises during the project.

Decades of experience enable us to provide precise, substantiated cost estimates for complex projects. And our specialists frequently make suggestions on how to use detailed intelligent solutions to implement customer requirements even more affordably, of course, with the same superb quality.

Project Management and Engineering

Our project engineers all have years of international experience and extensive design and production knowledge. They have all accompanied numerous unusual and difficult projects and always know what to do. It goes without saying that the person assigned to your project will 

  • Be available to provide you with good advice
  • Accompany and coordinate the order through the production phase
  • Organize logistics
  • Supervise construction management and installation
  • Assume control of the project as necessary

Thereby, the scope of project management is always variable and can be modified to match your requirements for each and every task. We can assume project management responsibilities and seamlessly integrate our abilities into our customer's process chain to support the respective project managers in performing their tasks.

From technical consulting with a cost-free sample service and prototype production through to planning and organizing services from other companies outside the solid surface material industry (for example, electrical / lighting, water / sanitation services) and the assumption of construction management, you can always count on us – and that is a solid parameter during the entire project.

Engineering is also an integral part of our project management. And it is of such high quality that our services are always preferred and selected when it comes to projects that are particularly unusual and difficult-to-implement.

Our engineers can perform the following tasks:

  • CAD drawings
  • Preparation of optimized production
  • Creation of working drawings in AutoCAD
  • Creation of 3D drawings in RHINO
  • Creation of CAD/CAM files to program machines for production

Produktion und Manufactoring

In Augustusburg-Hennersdorf, we specialize in the production of custom-made products; the team in Schlotheim primarily processes orders for serial products. Both locations have their primary focus and, in their infrastructure, they are perfectly staffed and provided with the right machinery to superbly accomplish their respective tasks.

Whether from sheets of material to design elements or from sheets to serial washbasins: both in thermoforming and material technology, we have decisively continued to go forward in our development of new products. Our range of lavanto® moulded parts – from sinks to baby bathtubs – we are a global leader, and our achievements in free thermoforming and the assembly of three-dimensional objects are second to none.

The serial fabrication of products requires intensive planning and production engineering. Using special machining equipment, the advantages of serial production are also represented in the form of low production costs.

Whether it be washbasins or entire sanitation systems for hotels, reception counters for airports or food counters in coffee house chains, functional workplaces at universities or worktops in laboratories:  in many locations, the benefits of solid surface material are clear, and similar furniture objects are used repeatedly in large quantities.

It is understandable that contracting managers can expect a corresponding price advantage when using products that are fabricated in serial production. This is always possible when production equipment has been already been configured for such operation.  In our production facility in Schlotheim, from the planning process through the automated infrastructure through "just-in-time delivery," our production specializes in the fabrication of serial products. Our experienced serial production team fabricates small, medium and large series products for you under perfect conditions.

Logistics: Transportation and Assembly

Often, composite materials achieve their high stability and robustness only after they have been installed. Therefore, the proper care and packaging for their transportation cannot be underestimated.

Our logistics expertise does not stop at the border. Our experienced staff is familiar with international customs and logistics processes as well as with regional customs and language challenges in each and every world market where our products are readily available.

With our expertly trained assembly team, we are able to master the logistics of even the most complex installations anywhere in the world.

Our packaging solutions are fitted to the requirements of our materials, to include adapting to constraints in ecology, recycling and ergonomics during transport. If necessary, we can also provide custom-designed packaging; some complex geometrical shapes make this necessary and we can do it to perfection.

On request, we can either recommend or appoint appropriate business partners, who have the experience to take on the logistics responsibility for your installation at an optimal cost-performance ratio.

And, after acceptance and on-site training, for example, regarding care of the product, we still do not leave you on your own. Because again and again, we like to enjoy the big smiles on the faces of our satisfied clients.


A team of experts with outstanding craftsmanship abilities that have been developed over many years of experience in planning, processing and installation using each of our materials with high standards. The technically perfect realization of their ideas inspire all our customers.


Our reference projects prove that we are able to transform all your ideas into realistic shapes – from the simple to the extravagant, and from the easy to the highly complex.

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