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Bathrooms and kitchens are only as good as their washbasins and their worktops. Because that is where you spend much of your life –every day –for many years. Therefore, the quality of the material is crucial for the usability of the entire room. 

The perfect surface material is not complicated.
It is robust, scratch-proof, resistant to food, chemicals and –extremely crucial– absolutely hygienic, because it is easy to clean with normal household cleaning agents. And, of course, what is true for the kitchen is also truefor the bathroom.

For this reason, the installation must not only look perfect in the kitchen or bathroom, they must also be processed perfectly and be installed with a high degree ofprofessionalism.

We have five materials that have all proven to be the optimal solution thousands of times over and represent the best of products in the field of bathroom and kitchen worktop surfaces: highest performance with superior optical appearance. Each material has its particular strengths that make it possible to meet all individual wishes. Our extensive and exclusive assortment of washbasins and sinks can be integrated seamlessly without gaps or grooves and we can also create custom-designed washbasins.

Solid surface material

Solid surface material - challenging and exciting designs. 
Virtually limitless formability with invisible joints and transitions because they are virtually gap-free. Also washbasins made of the same material can be integrated with no visible transition. Additionally, there is a wide range of colours which can fulfil any wish. And all of that with a material that is highly hygienic and easy to clean. Solid surface material is the material from which all your dreams for an elegant bathroom or kitchen can be fulfilled.

Quartz material

Quartz material – the noble-looking worktopwhich appears to be made of natural stone.
For everyone who would prefer to have a real stone worktop in the kitchen or bathroom if itwere easy to clean, super hygienic and in their choice ofcolour, quartz material is the perfect solution –tough, virtually cut-proof, highly hygienic and elegant because of its high-gloss surface.

Porcelain Ceramic

Porcelain Ceramic – breathtakingly indestructible.
Worktops for the kitchen and bath made of porcelain ceramic have a Mohs hardness of 8 – nearly as hard as diamonds. Nothing can scratch these worktops. Their silky matt surface gives them anappearance which causes more and more customers to rave about them.


We have a team of experts with outstanding craftsmanship abilities that have been developed over many years of experience in planning, processing and installation using each of our materials. You can find all the information about the material diversity for kitchens and baths here.


Our reference projects prove that we are able to transform all your ideas into realistic shapes – from the simple to the extravagant, and from the easy to the highly complex.

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Sinks and basins

Our own brand lavanto® offers you a wide range of sinks, basins and showers made of solid surface material. Built into your worktop, these products ideally complement our portfolio for kitchen and bath.