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Awe-inspiring architecture can only be created if the architect can incorporate spectacular effects and free forms. For you as an architect, from the first idea to the pat on the shoulder when the project is finished, we can provide you with a team of specialists to advise you objectively – always with the goal of realizing your vision in the best possible way. No matter how unusual your project, we can supply your needs, because we are not only manufacturing partners, but also consultants and engineers, contractors, project managers and logisticians. We guarantee error-free processes and optimally-organized interfaces. And, at the end of the project, we always deliver flawless results.

Our customer service representatives, engineers and craftsmen work hand in hand with each other and also together with you. For you as an architect, it means that you can relinquish many responsibilities and yet still have full control.

Whether you want to use our complete process chain or only a specific part of it is your decision: we can adapt to the needs of your architectural office to assist you with your tasks as you require. For without modern architecture, the real potential of contemporary materials cannot be implemented suitably.

Our Expertise

With Rosskopf + Partner, you have access to extensive expertise. In the areas of manufacturing, added value, production, engineering and project management, we have decades of experience. And we are available to support you in any type of project with an abundance of pioneering spirit. Implementing your plans and designs flawlessly is our goal.

Consulting and Requirements Clarification

Many attractive designs are close to the boundary of the impossible; that is the nature of exceptional architecture.  For that reason, it must be clear to both the architect and the manufacturer as to whether the idea can be realized at all. We can tell you what is achievable and what is not, and we can also help you to avoid many long discussions, unnecessary mental strain, wasted time and money.

Objectively and independently, we determine which services by Rosskopf + Partners are required to realize your designs flawlessly. No matter how large or small your project is – as a manufacturing partner, we want to provide you with optimal support without vending services you don't need for your project.

We can create feasibility studies for you to determine whether your project is achievable and how to implement it. We often find solutions for your ideas when others have already given up in the planning phase.

From engineering and production through to distribution, we know our business well and we know what is necessary to accomplish the task.
We would like you to benefit from the outset from our expertise.

Efficiency, resource conservation, sustainability and a sense of responsibility come natural for us and they are always in the centre of your interests.

Cost Estimation and Design

We know that for you as an architect, reliable statements regarding expected costs are important to afford the highest degree of financial security and reliability. To arrive at an accurate cost estimate, all influencing factors must be taken into consideration. Whether it is technical matters or manufacturing capabilities or even specific local requirements in international projects: We are able to keep a current overview of what is happening with your project!

As an architect, you can always be assured that Rosskopf + Partner has properly understood your project. The cornerstone of a clean spread sheet is meticulous construction planning. We can develop the desired CAD plans for you – or you can provide us with your CAD data, whichever you prefer. Based on that, we can determine all influencing variables, factors and aspects of the production. Not infrequently, our specialists will make suggestions as to how customer requirements can be implemented with intelligent solutions that are even more affordable. That enables us to offer you the most cost-effective price, of course, with the same outstanding quality.

sted, we also provide work-drawings, detailed views and sections. With our experience in this area, we can optimally assess the total cost of the project.

Project Management and Engineering

When others despair at the complexity of your idea, we're just getting started.  We have already assisted with many unusual and difficult projects in the past and our international experience has provided us with many years of extensive design and processing knowledge. Therefore, our project engineers always know what to do.

Our services can be tailored to your individual desires. The scope of project management is constantly changing and can be modified to match your requirements for each and every task. We can assume project management responsibilities and seamlessly integrate our abilities into our customer's process chain to support the respective project managers in performing their tasks.
From coordinating the work preparation, through processing and clearance between subcontractors and fabricators. Also, on-going communication between customers, you as an architect and the general contractor belongs to our offer of available services.

What distinguishes us is our know-how in dealing with real 3D architectural models through to the professional technical implementation of contemporary materials.

You can count on us to complete your project to your satisfaction. Technical advice means a lot for us: service with samples, prototyping or even the complete assumption of site management responsibilities.

Engineering is the most outstanding part of our project management. Our customers always select us when particularly unusual and difficult-to-implement projects are to be produced.

Production and Manufacturing

You would like for your idea to be created in the framework of a small custom-made order? In Hennersdorf and Obermehler, we specialize in the manufacture of such products.

Or perhaps your order is a complex large-scale project? In Schlotheim, we manufacture your large serial orders. We can adapt our personnel, infrastructure and machining capacity perfectly to each priority in production.

In the development of thermoforming technology, we were instrumental players in the past. Whether thermoforming of sheet material into three-dimensional architecture or from sheets to formed components, our range of lavanto® thermoformed products lead the field worldwide. For many years, we have achieved the best results in free shaping and the assembly of three-dimensional objects.

The advantages of contemporary materials are made evident in many places: in sanitary installations for hotels, sales counters for retail businesses, and in functional workplaces at universities or in laboratories. The implementation of serial production especially benefits builders due to its price advantage. From the planning process to "just-in-time delivery", we specialize in both – flawless components in large quantities.

Logistics: Transport and Assembly

High stability and strength is what distinguishes our materials from others. However, these properties can only be achieved when they have been fully assembled and installed. Through in-depth knowledge of packaging and transportation, we guarantee the utmost care of your products during the entire journey.  If necessary, we can also provide custom-designed packaging so that even the most complex geometries can be packed correctly and safely transported to their final destination.

No border is a barrier for us. Our experienced staff members are familiar with international customs and logistics processes. Regional customs and the knowledge of foreign languages belong to our basic expertise. Our assembly teams are able to master even the most complex installation for you – and that anywhere in the world.

During transport, we not only focus on security; ecology, recycling and ergonomics are equally important for us when we transport your products.

Are you looking for a logistics partner? On request, we can gladly recommend or appoint appropriate business partners, who have the experience to take on the logistics responsibility for your installation at an optimal cost-performance ratio.

And the most enjoyable part of our work takes place after delivery and acceptance of the product on-site –when we see the satisfied smile on your face.


We have been solid surface material pioneers from the very beginning. For fabricated products made with this material, we are always the first choice. Or you realize your ideas with our large selection of other material. You will find all the information about our material diversity here.


Breath-taking architecture can only materialize when you can include spectacular effects and freely contoured shapes. Our references prove that we are able to transform all your ideas into realistic shapes – from the simple to the extravagant, and from the easy to the highly complex.

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