Your Partner for Innovative Surface Materials.

For everyone who works with or would like to work with solid surface material, Rosskopf + Partner is the perfect point of contact and implementation partner for you.

Regardless of the task: from consulting, engineering, manufacturing and assembly to simply distributing the material – with decades of experience and expertise in this field, we are the first choice for architects, planners, builders and manufacturers in the kitchen and bath trade.

Our goal is to be the perfect partner for you.


We can adapt our services entirely to match your needs. To do that, we are sometimes a manufacturing partner, sometimes consultants and engineering firm, sometimes suppliers and logisticians, and sometimes project managers. Our customer consultants, engineers, and our craftsmen always work consistently together; and of course, we can also work together with your team, your architects, your planners and your workers. 

For all questions on the subject of innovative surface materials, the solution is Rosskopf + Partner.


As an architect, you have new ideas every day that you would like to put into effect. We have the mission to support you in every way, even with your most complex ideas. We would like to transform your designs on paper into real objects – and we are willing to do anything to make that happen.


We offer you wide expertise and decades of experience with surface materials in the fields of manufacturing, creating added value, material processing, engineering and project management. We can assist you with smooth processes and perfect results for any type of project.

Kitchen + Bath

Bathrooms and kitchens are as important as your washbasins and work surfaces. We are your partner for optically perfect installation, first-class material processing and professional assembly. You will also find our extensive range of basins and sinks more than satisfactory.