NEOLITH® – the largest porcelain slab of the world

NEOLITH® by THESIZE is a high performance, large format, slim porcelain slab. A product with superior physical and mechanical properties that meets and exceeds every industry specification or standard.

NEOLITH® is absolutely food safe; it accumulates no moisture and mildew and bacteria cannot permeate the surface. Additionally, NEOLITH® is a non-flammable material that emits no smoke or poisonous substances. As further attributes, this innovative material is scratch-resistant, UV resistant and nearly unbreakable.

Thanks to its excellent characteristics, NEOLITH® is best applied both indoors and out for use as:

  • Furniture and interior decoration:
    worktops in the kitchen, furniture surfaces, surfaces for doors, lab worktops
  • Construction: wall and floor elements, hanging ceilings, wall partition systems, movable wall partitions, surface designs and renovations, elements for façades ventilated from the rear, weather  layering, panelling for clean rooms, construction elements in tunnel and subway construction

Guidance of cleaning a NEOLITH® countertop

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