The Solid Surface Material Avonite®. Sophisticated Solutions for Design Lovers.

Avonite® from Aristech Surfaces LLC has a harmonious surface that is pleasant to the touch. Its appearance is elegant and high in quality. Since it can be processed and employed flexibly, the solid surface material Avonite® is extremely versatile. With its functional properties, in addition to other uses, the surface material is suited perfectly for gastronomy, kitchen and bathroom applications in both business and residential areas.

With its unique flexibility in structure and strength, Avonite® provides the highest material quality and application efficiency. With its many attractive designs, such as in the unique studio Collection®, and its translucent colour options, Avonite® also makes numerous lighting solutions possible.

The fabrication of countertops, vanities, as well as floor, ceiling or wall coverings made of the solid surface material Avonite® belongs to our regular services. Especially in the 3D thermoforming of solid surface materials, we are trend-setters and are able to craft nearly any desired customized shape in the areas of architecture and design – of course, in technically optimal quality and at realistically calculated prices.

  • Avonite® offers two product lines: Avonite® Acrylic Solid Surface and the polyester-bonded Studio Collection®.

  • Avonite® is developed and produced for commercial, industrial and residential applications by Aristech Surfaces LLC.

  • Avonite® can be heated and formed into any shape, making it the ideal material for construction solutions in interior design, architecture, shop construction, the hotel and restaurant industry, in airports, medical facilities, kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Avonite® offers a wide selection of colours, sizes and sheet thicknesses.

  • Avonite® orients itself during fabrication to meet the high standards required for current quality certification.