Solid surface material - the only surface material for unlimited possibilities of design and colour.

No other material is as versatile and has such distinctive capabilities as solid surface material. With its functional properties, solid surface material can meet the maximum requirements placed on a first-class material in kitchens, bathrooms and restaurants as well as in all commercial and residential areas.

Composition of Solid Surface Material

Solid surface material is a composite material composed of an acrylic mass, hardened natural minerals (about 75%) and pigments. The composition varies according to the manufacturer's brand. The most popular brands include Avonite® by Aristech Surfaces LLC, Corian® by DuPont, Varicor® by Spectra, HI-MACS® by LG Hausys and GetaCore® by Westag.

Properties of Solid Surface Materials


Solid surface material was developed to meet a wide variety of applications in the residential and commercial sector. Therefore it also can be used in high-traffic areas.

  hygienic + non-porous

Solid surface material is non-toxic and contains no substances which may alter the surface – even after prolonged use. Smooth, non-porous surfaces and gap-free joints ensure optimal hygiene. Because of this, it is ideal for use in health-care areas, such as surgery rooms, doctors' offices, patient bathing rooms and laboratories.

  thermo-formable by heat

Solid surface material can be thermo-formed with heat into 2- or 3-dimensional objects and it retains its shape after cooling with no alteration in material properties. This opens many possibilities allowing the material to be used for exceptionally remarkable and unusual designs.


Some solid surface colours and thicknesses are translucent. By relief-milling the sheet material, it can be backlit, which opens new opportunities for designers and architects as versatile lighting shapes, scripting and displays but also design objects with customized lighted patterns on the surface


Both because of its consistent material composition and gap-free joints, solid surface material imparts the impression of a single whole item – even with very large objects.

  long-term performance

Solid surface material is a durable, weather-resistant material. With that property, it can be used both in exterior construction and in the interior as a facade, for wall cladding or for interior design. Because solid surface material is easy to clean, sturdy and ergonomically pleasing to the touch, it is also well suited for heavy-duty office furniture.
To clean it, you only need water, a little detergent and a cloth. You can remove stubborn stains using normal means. Scratches can be removed with fine sandpaper or similar methods. Heavily damaged parts can be replaced without leaving visible traces.

  easy to machine

Solid surface material can be machined with ordinary carpenter tools and machinery. Likewise, scratches can be removed with fine sandpaper or a similar substance and heavily damaged parts can be replaced without leaving visible traces.

Development and Brands of Solid Surface Materials

Solid surface material was developed in the 1960s by DuPont and marketed as Corian®. Therefore, in the minds of many fabricators, architects and carpenters, the term solid surface material is still associated with the same brand, Corian®. This reveals that with the previously-mentioned solid surface material brands Avonite®, HI-MACS®, Varicor® and GetaCore® the market has not only increased, but now, brands of solid surface materials of equivalent quality exist in addition to Corian® by DuPont that are lower-priced. One example is the solid surface material Avonite® by Aristech Surfaces LLC.

Avonite® from Aristech Surfaces LLC

Avonite® solid surface material from Aristech Surfaces LLC has a smooth surface with a pleasant feel to the touch and an elegant, high-quality finish. Since it can be processed and implemented flexibly, Avonite® solid surface material is extremely versatile. With its functional characteristics, the surface material can be implemented optimally, among other possibilities, in the area of furniture objects and living areas, in gastronomy, in kitchens and in bathrooms. With its format, decor, colour and advantage diversity, Avonite from Aristech Surfaces LLC offers an effective starting point for a wide variety of applications.

Concrete Applications

Thanks to the properties of solid surface material mentioned previously, it is not only used in the private sector as kitchen worktops or bathroom washstands and in the restaurant business, but also in areas such as hygienic zones in hospitals as multiple sinks in OP rooms or specialized containers, such as organ coolers.

Likewise, because of its superb thermo-formability, solid surface material can be used for all interior decoration – even for 3-dimensional elements. The renowned designer hotel, Hotel Puerta América in Madrid, can be mentioned here as a prime example for the interior construction of entire hotel rooms using solid surface material. The solid surface material HI-MACS® by LG Hausys was used for this purpose. Rosskopf + Partner AG worked together with famous architects, such as Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, David Chipperfield, among others, to fabricate materials for this hotel on a large scale.

Its translucence makes solid surface material interesting for architects, whose creations include light or who simply want only to generate interesting lighting effects.

Simple Processing of Solid Surface Material

One of the most important properties of solid surface material for processors is its trouble-free handling. In principle, solid surface materials can be processed like wood with ordinary carpenter tools and machinery to manufacture wonderful, individual 2-dimensional objects such as kitchen worktops or elegant washstands for the bathroom. With special tools and our expert know-how, it is also possible to thermoform solid surface material to create spectacular 3-dimensional objects. The wide colour range is another important advantage that solid surface material provides: at DuPont Corian® the colour palette consists of 100 colours and with HI-MACS® by LG Hausys you can even select from 113 available colours.