Natural Stone – Unique Objects for Special Accents

Individuality and genuine materials are the current trend, which is also reflected in modern kitchen designs. The use of natural stone creates special accents – it unites beauty and elegance, functionality and value – and to top it all off, not a single slab of stone resembles another. Each is unique and distinctive. You can find a total of 27 colours and three different surface structures in the portfolio and Rosskopf + Partner can machine them to match customer requirements perfectly.

Natural stone is attractive in many respects: It is robust and durable, scratch resistant, impact resistant, resistant to water, dirt and moisture, heat-resistant, easy to clean and hygienic. This makes natural stone a well-proven material for use in the kitchen. Rosskopf + Partner’s assortment of products includes 27 elegant variations of granite: from bright "River White" to the deep black "Nero Assoluto". Motifs in the assortment include delicately marbled or cloudy patterns, also objects rich in contrast as well as slightly speckled or coarse-grained structured designs. The dark rocks "Star Galaxy" and "Labrador Emerald Pearl" conjure up an extraordinary ambience with reflective minerals made of bright bronze and noble bluish glimmering objects. In puristically-designed kitchens "Marinance Black" sets life-like accents: the black base tone matches a wide variety of other stones in the colour range from white to dark grey.

We offer the natural stone slabs in the thicknesses 20 mm and 30 mm together with three surface finishes: "satin-finish", "polished" and "caress". The granite slabs and natural stones with satin-finish are first sanded so that the surface is insensitive to soiling and easier to clean. The silky matte texture is then created with diamond brushes. The result is a harmonious interplay of silky visual appearance and a gentle feel to the touch.

The "Caress" finish is offered for three of the stone variations: the surface with a more antique visual appearance is partially polished for the glossy surface and partially brushed to a matte finish.  Natural stone is not only suitable for worktops in the kitchen, but is also a robust choice for window sills, countertops, bathroom vanities, wall cladding and flooring.