MAGNA Glaskeramik – a highly cool Experience

MAGNA Glaskeramik is a remarkably innovative glass-ceramic material, which in its structure represents a modern, design-oriented view of life. Due to its functional properties, MAGNA Glaskeramik is ideally suited for kitchen and bath.

With attractive optical and practical vibrancy, glass ceramic is spot-resistant and very easy to clean. The extraordinary optical appearance of glass ceramic makes it suitable like no other material for architects to design the transition from the natural to the constructed environment in an attractively aesthetic manner and to provide creative accents in both the interior and exterior. Especially interesting for designers is the ability to combine R+P Glaskeramik with other dissimilar materials in visionary design objects.

  • R+P Glaskeramik is a completely new kind of glass ceramic material that was developed over a period of many years.

  • R+P Glaskeramik can be utilized like no other material to provide an attractive aesthetic connection between nature and the architectural environment.

  • As accentuation in combination with other materials or used alone, R+P Glaskeramik offers a multiplicity of combination possibilities.

  • R+P Glaskeramik is the ideal material to transform your visions into reality – using our experience!


Colours Glass Ceramic

Our colours are available with a polished or patinized texture. Raw material has a panel thickness between 21 and 22 mm. We do not have all colours in stock. Please contact your personal sales coordinator for further information.

Polar White


Champagne Brown

Ice Nugget



Light Grey

Ocean Blue