Rosskopf + Partner Company

First a workshop, then an industrial plant. Today, it is a competent and outstanding company with a complete range of services: engineering, product development, production and realization


Today – with about 200 employees at two production sites in Saxony and Thuringia and a wide range of premium materials – we are ready to tackle the requirements and tasks of our progressive customers: all of them are clients from the fields of architecture, design, processing, retailers for kitchen + bath and the furniture industry.


To be able to do all that is necessary to accomplish each individual task that is conceived and developed, and then manufacture a product that adheres to the highest standards, the Rosskopf + Partner company must be many things at once: a classical workshop and a modern industry with high-tech production and precision logistics. Above all, it must be a think-tank for our partners and customers.

Of Special Interest.

With a nationwide distribution network in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries, the Rosskopf + Partner company is well positioned to continue expanding – with new ideas for new projects, with new customers and with many partners that have already been working with Rosskopf + Partner for a long time.


For architects and designers, we are already in the development phase of your projects as the preferred partner – and we support our manufacturers, carpenters, masons, shop construction workers and retailers with the same kind of partnership. We supply sheet material, prefabricated products ready for mounting, individual products and serialized parts. Brands, companies and designers appreciate the successful implementation of their projects by our qualified staff.

Food for Thought.

Rosskopf + Partner now stands in first place in the European competition of product development, project planning and technical implementation when it comes to precise implementation of intelligent ideas and solutions for surfaces.  The first consideration is always the skill required of our engineers and the understanding of market trends by our product developers, who have developed their expertise through experience in working with available materials. Through its participation in major projects through consultation, innovation and creative collaboration, the Rosskopf + Partner companies’s engineering team has attained an outstanding, international reputation and a unique acceptance with clients, architects, manufacturers and partners.