White Spaceship as a Central Starting Point

With targeted intervention in the existing architecture, Architect Resa Gartner was able to restructure the reception area with the adjoining atrium of the Spreepalais am Dom (Spree River Palace office building near the cathedral) in Berlin to create a pleasant quality of visitation. The new interior design, especially tailored for the premises, includes a counter, 18 stools and a wall panel that were manufactured to extreme precision by Rosskopf + Partner using the homogeneous, semi-gloss Avonite® composite solid surface material.

In view of the fact that nearly every idea can be transformed into reality using solid surface material, and that this versatile non-porous material is both visually and haptically attractive, architect Resa Gartner had already arranged in the past to have several reception desks made from it. For the optimal implementation of the Spreepalais office building design, the decision was made to employ Rosskopf + Partner as in previous projects. And 5D Engineering from Dresden was again selected to assume the responsibility for the detailed development and project management of the project.

The reception counter itself consists of straight, single- and double-curved surfaces and has a diameter of 4.235 m; it is 1.115 m high and 114 cm or 73 cm in width. The load-bearing, non-visible parts of the substructure are made of a wood-based material. The surface is made of 12 mm thick, satin-finished Avonite® from Aristech Surfaces LLC. The base was two-dimensionally bent to form the vertical surface of the pedestal and has an LED luminous line that encircles and accentuates the furniture. The front is curved three-dimensionally and has an integrated shelf for handbags. On the inside, an LED strip of light below the top shelf serves as workplace lighting. The black colour tone "E-clipse" combines the pedestal with the dark terrazzo floor of the building. The counter itself is in "Polaris" – the purest tone of white in the Avonite® colour palette.

The 18 stools with a total diameter of 1.7 m have the dimensions 1470 x 430 x 430 mm and can each be divided into three circle segments at 120° angles and pushed apart. If necessary, they can be grouped around pillars or even placed in a "snake-like" configuration. The seat cushions are made of imitation leather and the legs are made of chromed steel U-profiles in the dimensions 430 x 50 x 150 mm. Rosskopf + Partner manufactured all other exterior surfaces, including the counter, which is made of satin-milled, 12 mm thick Avonite® solid surface material in the colour Polaris.

Last but not least, the conical, tapered wall panel, with the words "Spreepalais am Dom" and the wave pattern milling, was included in the contract for completion by Rosskopf + Partner. It is 2.22 to 1.40 m wide and 3.0 m high and, like the reception counter and stools, it is fabricated using the solid surface material Avonite® in the colour Polaris. The lettering was milled and placed on the front of the wave pattern with spacers. The frame around the circumference was also milled and is 8 mm in width.

Construction Board

Design: neo systems architects
Material: Solid Surface Material Avonite®
Colour: Avonite® Polaris
Location: Berlin, Germany
Period: 2017
Photography: Andreas Mikutta