Attractive Reception Counters and Seating Furniture from the Solid Surface Collection by Isomi®

Rosskopf + Partner fabricated elements from the Isomi® Solid Surface Collection for a new office building. Two reception counters and two seating elements made of white solid surface material were manufactured for Südwestmetall in Stuttgart.

The Isomi® collection includes several modular seating units, counters and media furniture as well as light walls made of solid surface material that were architected by the designer Paul Crofts. The modules, in assorted shapes and partially thermoformed, can be individually adapted to customer requirements.

Based on customer requirements, Rosskopf + Partner fabricated two reception counters from the Mono Collection that will form the hub of the new reception area. The custom-made seating furniture from the Mono Seating collection was equipped with high-quality upholstery. The isomi® modular seating unit concept in this particular area was also proven to be beneficial to optimally meet the requirements for the remarkable new building. Nick Welsh, said about the project: "We were very enthusiastic about being able to work together on this project, which demonstrates the flexibility of the isomi® modules perfectly."

Construction Board

Design: Paul Crofts
Material: Solid Surface Material
Location: Esslingen/Stuttgart, Germany
Period: 2016