A Hotel as a Dwelling Place of Extravagant Architecture

The Hotel Puerta América is located at an unspectacular address in Madrid’s Avenida de América. But its colourful facade is a clear signal that it is an extraordinary place to accommodate guests.

Inside, the building reveals a paradise for architecture and design lovers and presents a serious challenge for the guest in selecting a room: guests must select in which of the architectural adventure worlds they are to spend their nights – or, they must move from room to room.

The individual signature of an architect is evident on each floor of the hotel. The host hotel group, Silken, placed no limitations at all on the ideas of the progressive builders – a situation that has since proven to be of benefit to the hotel guests. From the parking garage at the lowest level to the top floor, astonished guests are mesmerized by the permanent exhibition of contemporary architecture, which they cannot only admire, but also occupy. The philosophy of the hotel allows its guests to participate in their adventure trip even within the walls of the hotel.


The Silken Hotel Group operates hotels throughout Spain, including four in the capital, Madrid.

Since the company places great importance on the quality of its services, guests can expect excellent service at all locations.

What distinguishes this hotel chain are the standards that define the character of their facilities. Their policy is that the hotel is to be a place with its own personality in which visitors are met with a cordiality that makes them feel as if they were at home. At the same time, the Silken group hotels are designed so that guests are surprised again and again by their accommodations.

With the Puerta América in Madrid, the company has set completely new standards in terms of the personality of a hotel.

Silken invited an international elite team of architects and designers and permitted them to allow their ideas to run wild, without any specifications or restrictions by the building owner, to design and build an ideal hotel. This was an approach that reflects the innovative spirit of the company: to create a “Hotel of Dreams” for its guests. The verses of poetry on the awnings of the windows allow passers-by to guess what it must be like from the outside. When you enter the building, you see at once that the bold idea of the company was converted into reality in a spectacular way.


A total of 19 internationally renowned “stars” among architects and designers have implemented their ideas on 12 floors of this sensational “Museum for a night”.

Among the stars that made the Puerta América a work of art, in addition to Norman Foster, Marc Newson, David Chipperfield, Kathryn Findlay, John Pawson, Christian Liaigre and others, were the architect and Pritzker Prize winner, Zaha Hadid, and the architect and industrial designer, Ron Arad.

The Puerta América is a cosmos of a variety of shapes and styles, with extravagant lighting and design concepts and exceptionally outstanding materials, whose processing is presented here in completely new dimensions. 
Rosskopf + Partner, as the only European processor of solid surface material, was able to demonstrate outstanding expertise in the area of material shaping and its outstanding universal engineering capabilities in providing perfect implementation of architectural ideas. In combination with extensive export experience, optimum conditions were present for a successful partnership.


As skilled specialist in processing solid surface material, Rosskopf + Partner is the ideal choice for architects and designers, whose ideas place uncommonly high demands on two-and three-dimensional shaping of material. In connection with their logistical capacity and first-class engineering services, Rosskopf + Partner has proven to be an unrivalled expert in innovative processing of solid surface materials in Europe.

Primarily due to the complex three-dimensional CAD-generated design, the Hotel Puerta America project was a special challenge. Even before submitting bids, Rosskopf + Partner board members visited all participating architects and carefully reviewed and discussed the design data. In particular, the floors designed by Zaha Hadid and Ron Arad required the development of sophisticated solutions.

Construction Information Board

Architects: Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, David Chipperfield, Kathryn Findlay
Building owner: Silken Group
Material: Solid surface material HI-MACS®
Location: Madrid/Spanien
Photography: diephotodesigner.de