Stylish Reception Area in the "Palais Vest" with Solid Surface Material Avonite®

In the centre of Recklinghausen, the "Palais Vest" is one of the most modern shopping centres in the Ruhr region of Germany and offers visitors a stylish reception. Throughout the new edifice, palace-like elements decorate the areas in the interior. Both eye-catchers and seating possibilities, two gigantic chess pieces made of solid surface material Avonite® manufactured by Rosskopf + Partner take centre stage.



The two chess pieces protrude in the shopping centre all the way from the basement to the ground floor. The pedestals around the sculptures each provide seating for visitors and are perfect for taking a break in shopping. A walkable playing field with a checkerboard motif, as used in historic palaces during medieval times, also runs throughout the shopping centre. For example, the floors of the atriums, lounges and sanitary areas are also designed using the striking black and white theme.


King, queen and chessboard were made from the solid surface material Avonite® by ARISTECH Surfaces under contract by the furniture workshop Schumann in Altenkirchen. At the location Augustusburg-Hennersdorf, our team made the 7-meter tall figures from 12-mm thick solid surface panels in the Avonite® decors "Super White" and "Eclipse" black. "These were first milled into approximately 360 individual parts using a CNC milling machine, thermally formed at around 165° Celsius with a vacuum press and then bonded to a homogeneous surface," explained the project manager, Sebastian Koehler. "This was done on a substructure made of particleboard using a rib construction method." This method resulted in 5 components per figure: a base, two pillars and two head parts that could be assembled on site using a load crane. In order to ensure the stability of the figures, the centre columns were braced internally with six threaded rods.


The decision to use solid surface material was made quite deliberately. The material meets the high functional requirements in shop construction and is impressive to visitors because of its high-quality optical appearance.  For the visitor, it is visually attractive and especially comfortable from the point of view of the operators because the non-porous surface of the solid surface material is robust, durable and easy to care for, even with the demands of heavy use on a daily basis. Dirt can be easily removed, small scratches polished off, and signs of wear can be easily eliminated.

Construction board

Design:  Auer Weber Architekten/Schwitzke & Partner 
Material: Solid Surface Material Avonite®                                                    Colours: Super White, Eclipse
: Recklinghausen, Germany
Period: 2016
Photography: Rosskopf + Partner/Palais Vest/Schwitzke & Partner