Colourful World of Books


Bookworms, both young and old, are looking forward to the new city library in Hanau, Hesse, in Germany. According to the plans of Schrammel architects from Augsburg, a colourful book world has emerged in which personal encounters and advice are afforded significant importance. For this project, we were given the responsibility to produce and assemble artful service counters made of the solid surface material Avonite®.  

For this project, we assembled a total of ten different counter ensembles as well as additional seating and storage modules. In the foyer of the Culture Forum, two distinctive reception counters embrace the interior architectural theme with geometric forms and fresh colours. For these objects, the architects chose to use the solid surface material Avonite in the colours "Mango" and "Ice White".

On the upper floor, visitors can find other service points – all centrally located – for example, at the base of one of the tree houses or in the glass bridge that connects the two wings of the building. The reception desk is designed with stepped distances from the floor and, thanks to the extendable seat, allows barrier-free access. Right next to it, there are two self-service terminals connected by a protruding shelf made of solid surface material. This is also placed lower and is accessible by wheelchair.

Construction Board

Design: Schrammel Architects
Material: Solid Surface Material Avonite®
Colours: Mango + Ice White
Location: Hanau, Germany
Manufactur: Rosskopf + Partner with SCHNEIDER INNEN.RAUM.DESIGN
Photography: Julia Schambeck