Crescent-shaped Seating Made of Solid Surface Material Offers Simple Elegance


Wherever you shop, you occasionally enjoy taking a quiet break: Rosskopf + Partner has manufactured individual seating islands made of HI-MACS® solid surface material to provide for relaxing breaks while shopping. The modern surface material meets the highest demands for optical appearance and functionality in shop construction.

And the fact that furniture made of solid surface material stands out even without elaborate details is demonstrated by an elegant seating ensemble that Rosskopf + Partner produced for the Kufstein Galleries in the heart of Tyrol. Schwaighofer + Partner Architektur ZT GmbH, Innsbruck, was entrusted with the construction of the approximately 25,000m² shopping centre and the adjoining outdoor facilities. The particular challenge lay in the scale in which the new building had to fit into the centre of the mediaval and small-scale Kufstein city centre. The organic design idiom of exterior architecture finds its consistens continuation on the interior.

And this is also the case in the form of two crescent-shaped benches that were placed centrally in the atrium of the galleries. Rosskopf + Partner manufactured the nearly 3.50 m long and approximately 95 cm deep seating in close cooperation with the builder, Bodner Bau in Kufstein, and a local resident, Schwaiger carpentry. In puristic white and with a semi-matt finish, the solid surface material HI-MACS® unfolds its natural elegance in this setting. The ensemble is provided with the correct lighting by an impressive LED chandelier, whose one-sided cladding also consists of solid surface material that protrudes as a balcony from the overlying passage into the atrium.

Construction board

Design: Schwaighofer + Partner Architektur
Material: Solid Surface Material
Location: Kufstein, Austria
Period: 2009
Object: Crescent-shaped seating made of Solid Surface Material HI-MACS®
Photography: Tobias Rathmair