High Tech Meets Nature

selatec® by Rosskopf + Partner is an environmentally friendly natural product. With thicknesses starting at 3 mm and a weight lighter than aluminium, this high-density homogenous material is resistant to all surface treatments with organic and non-organic solvents. Even disinfection and cleaning agents cannot damage the surface.





selatec® is wear-resistant, fire-resistant, and because it can be recycled easily, it is especially environmentally acceptable. The material is characterized by its alkali and chemical resistance as well as its resistance to paint and graffiti.

With a remarkably pleasant feel to the touch, an aesthetic range of colours and versatility in processing possibilities, porcelain ceramic – with the right substructure – is well-suited for every application in the interior as well as in outdoor areas. Due to its properties, this innovative material is extremely flexible in the possibilities for use.

Architects, designers and customers discover applications in walls, flooring and ceiling areas such as mobile separation walls, panelling and façade elements. Porcelain ceramics also provide the best basis for elegant work surfaces in the kitchen and bath. Attractive cladding for doors and furniture surfaces is far from the end of the creative possibilities.

  • selatec® is a high-density homogenous porcelain surface and is manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses.
  • Porcelain ceramic has a long life-span and is weather-resistant.
  • Therefore, selatec®, due to its outstanding properties, is best suited for applications in inside and outside areas, for example, for furniture and interior decoration as kitchen worktops, furniture surfaces, and in architecture as wall and flooring elements, hanging ceilings and separation wall systems.
  • Due to its slender thickness, the weight of the material is so reduced, that handling, assembly, storage and transport are very easy.


  • Kitchen worktops and work surfaces in laboratories and in the medical branch
  • In furniture and interior decoration for furniture surfaces, cladding for doors, etc.
  • In architecture for bathroom renovation, wall and flooring elements, hanging ceilings, separation wall systems, mobile separation walls, surface design and renovation, elements for rear-ventilated façades, weather-resistant surfaces, panelling for cleanrooms, construction elements for tunnels and subway construction
  • In shipbuilding for panelling and interior decoration